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5 Reasons Why the Internet is Awesome

The internet has changed the face of culture and society in immeasurable (and I think mostly positive) ways. I say mostly because I believe there are a number of ways (especially for young people) that the internet can get you into trouble. However, with a good head on your shoulders, and in the case of young people, some conscientious supervision, the possibilities for education, satisfaction, and meaning are truly limitless.

You can simply type in any random thought into Google and all of the sudden you are tapped in to literally thousands of other people how are having or have had that same thought. You can examine their experience, hear their opinions and determine a course of action. Often times, if you wish, you can continue the dialogue with them.

Whether it’s forums, blogs, personal websites, twitter or countless other vehicles, the users of internet have crafted a world for people who are genuinely enthusiastic about sharing their experience with others.

I remember when I was in elementary school we did a “Pen Pal” project. At that time, the way it worked was that a teacher would somehow hook up with another teacher preferably in an exotic (relative to their) locale and pair up their students for correspondence at specified intervals. It was a lot of fun. But the project ended and so did most of our dialogues with interesting people from far off lands. The internet is like that Pen Pal project on steroids.

Sometimes I can get bogged down in negative feelings towards the internet: That darn facebook!, Google controls the universe!, Please no more emails about enlarging a certain part of my anatomy!

But at the end of the day I have to take a step back and be thankful for everything it does for us.

Here are 5 Reasons Why the Internet is Awesome:

1. It is obective – People share their opinions/ideas and other people either choose to agree or disagree. For the most part there’s no “Man behind the curtain”

2. Barriers to entry are almost non-existent. Anyone with the basic knowledge to operate a computer and a web connection can give themselves a voice.

3. Innovation is not only encouraged it is rewarded. Enough said. 4. When something becomes viral it’s exciting. Nothing is more empowering to people than having an original thought, sharing it with others, and others valuing it enough to share it again.

5. It makes us smarter. Since I started using an RSS feed reader the amount that I read has increased exponentially. Not only that my appetite for knowledge has become insatiable. Each post can take you down a little rabbit hole of related stuff. It’s like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” of the interest genome.

It’s been a wild ride since I setup my first Prodigy account back in the early 90s. How has your life been affected by the advent of the internet?

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