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Creating a Business: A Matter of Art and Science

When I was a teen, I was dreaming to become a stage director or a film maker. I loved to go almost every evening to the theater or cinema and I read a lot of books full of stories about the history of theater and movie pictures.

Every fiction book I read I imagined how its action could look like on the stage, how the story cold be transformed into a play or in a movie, how could the actors look like, and how could I create the scene.

I was fascinated by the way theater and movies can tell stories making them to look so real. I lived what was happening on the stage or in movies together with the actors.

And I noticed that some plays and some movies did change something in my life and in the way I perceived things.

Later, when I started my business studies and I begun to learn about vision and strategy and implementation as important stages of building a business, I immediately made the connection.

The process is the same!

Building a business and creating a theater show or a movie follow the same steps.

First comes the idea which is developed into a unique value proposition comprising what we want to convey/to offer and to whom and why.

The books we read, the theater plays and the movies are meant in essence to solve people’s problems like the products and services are.

After we consume them, our lives should improve in some ways. Best theater shows and movies are the genuine ones, those which lead to our transformation and which we cannot forget.

Best businesses are also those which deliver their products and services exceeding our expectations, offering products and services we cannot forget. We fall in love with brands like we fall in love with shows we really enjoy.

Building a brand in business is similar to building brands in entertainment industry.

Shows and movies start with the director’s vision like businesses start with the entrepreneur’s vision.

The key success factor for both the art shows and businesses is the mastery of implementing the vision which requires learning and skills.

All in all, the entrepreneur is finally an artist with a bold and genuine vision and with sound implementing skills.

I fell in love with business in the very moment I realized it is about art and not about cold spread sheets and boring analysis and economic indicators.

Putting the science of doing business in the context of firstly creating a vision based on an emotionally engaged reason why is the secret of successful businesses.

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