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What is Strategic Living?

What is Strategic Living?

Creating a great life experience is definitely not a matter of luck as many people still believe. There are some people living already a new life style and many others talking about possibilities and ways of designing their lives.

It is not easy to challenge all your believes about work and about how a successful life should look like. Too many people hung on common beliefs about how things should be.

We were taught that our lives should look in certain established ways in order for we to be happy. As a result, most of us accepted an idea of happiness which has never had nothing to do with what we really wanted out of our lives.

We know that:

we have to learn,
we have to work hard,
we have to be loyal to our employers,
we have to continue to learn to be good employees.

We saw many people succeeding to have a safe life living on these rules and we apply them not necessary because we really want to replicate these people’s lives, but because we are afraid to not lose what we’ve already got.

And we feel safe playing on general accepted rules.

The truth is that we are living on a wrong strategy.

All the actions we take are meant to avoid unpleasant things which may happen if we derail from the ‘normal’ path and not to create great life experiences.

The result is that everything we do is exactly what is needed to keep us on this track. Nothing more, nothing less.

Some people find a hobby and channel their creative energy into their passion. But the overwhelming majority is just suppressing and then killing their creative energy in the name of following ‘practical’ reasons.

What they don’t know is that inside their creative energy is the trigger able to bring a great life experience.

The things are simple. Intuitively, all kids know that: when you like what you’re doing everything becomes easy, you learn a lot of new things without any effort and you create wonderful things.

So, why all the adults forget about this process?

To give a documented answer to this question would require a big debate.

What is important now is to go back to our roots and learn something from the kid we were one day.

Then we’ll have to learn to release our creative energy and find new reasons why to use it.

This is what strategic living is all about.

Inside our creative energy are deep hidden our talents and our skills which drive us to enjoy our work.

By discovering what makes us work with pleasure and enjoyment and by finding a reason why doing this work, we will release our creative energy able to bring us extraordinary life experiences.

This is the secret of all successful people.

They have a reason why – a purpose to live -, they are passionate about their work and they put their creative energy at work every day.

And they are almost permanently ‘in the flow’. They are enthusiastic and always ready for new engaging projects.

What do you need to do the same?

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