Buy Japanese "ringu"

where online can i buy DVD (NTSC for US) version of japanese movie

"Ringu" directed by Hideo Nakata (1998) with english subtitles?

Request for Question Clarification byrico-ga

klepa, I recently went through a similar search, and found my best

option appeared to be a VCD version. Would you be interested to links

to VCDs?


Clarification of Question byklepa-ga

i will be grateful for information for any NTSC formatted media: VHS, VCD, or DVD…

One thought on “Buy Japanese "ringu"

  1. Okay, here you go,

    A Ring / Ring 2 DVD set has recently cropped up on eBay. The DVDs are

    transfers of the original PAL versions, and picture quality is said to

    be somewhat "squished" but otherwise high. Format is Region O / NTSC.


    A VHS NTSC version is at auction on eBay too…

    There's a variety of other "Ring" DVD offers on eBay, most claiming to

    be NTSC and English-subtitled. Caveat Emptor and all that. I'd pick

    someone with a high rating. See…

    …which will also bring up some unrelated stuff, but mostly "Ring"

    DVD auctions.

    ZoomMovie offers the English sub-titled version on VCD for $8.99 in


    Eureka Movies offers it for $7.97 on VCd, although it's currently on

    2-week backorder

    You might also be interested in this site for more info…



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