Buying Pal Television Set in the Us

I am currently living in the US but will eventually move back to


I want to purchase a rear projection TV but obviously need to be sure

it will be able to handle PAL back in Australia. I know you can

purchase Multisystem TV's from online dealers but you don't end up

getting a very good deal. There is also no point asking the sales guy

at Best Buy if any of his TV's can handle PAL because they don't even

know what NTSC is let alone PAL!

I guess it would still need 2 tuners to receive Analogue signals on

PAL and NTSC but digitally a HDTV box should be able to do either? So

my question is really will a standard HDTV ready Projection TV handle

an Analogue PAL signal?

Or will I have to get one shipped from the UK where most TV's will do

both PAL and NTSC.

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