Careers in Finance

Can anyone help me? Does anyone have any idea how I can get a

Finance/Banking job in the US or UK with no Finance experience? I have

a 2:1 BA (Hon) degree in Finance but that does not seem to matter? If

some one could help me I would be very grateful!


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  1. Matt,

    Actually, what I wrote as a comment below this answer is pretty much

    as complete an answer as there is to this question (I was wary of

    posting an answer to begin with in case I missed an obvious solution).

    Short of having a family tie to the industry and using that to get in,

    there is no secret success route into a finance job.

    You could look at getting sponsorship to take some of the professional

    licensure exams – but these are not guaranteed ways into a joba nd

    tend to narrow your skills rather than broaden your options.

    The best thing I can do in addition to the text in my comment below is

    give you some useful links. You may find jobs on here which require

    very little experience – but they normally require a Ph.D. instead of

    the experience – I have yet to see a finance job that says "no

    experience necessary, no advanced degree either" other than the ones

    offered through the careers fairs (which are extremely competitive and

    don't necessarily lead to the job of your dreams – after all, the

    successful people are the competitive overacheivers – and the job

    continually demands that of you).

    has a whole load of jobs in the finance industry.

    is a free organization of risk professionals in the industry. They

    have a job section, but it's primarily aimed at PhD grads and long

    time industry pros. You could try out their forums or getting involved

    with the local seminars.

    is a link to Boston College's Master of Science in finance program.

    There are others, but I know from personal experience that people here

    get good placements.

    Businessweek's guide to business schools. A great resource if you

    decide to go that way and want to compare advanced degree programs.

    The most important thing to look for in a program is arguably it

    placements – who cares if you have a top MBA if you don't have a good

    job to pay it back.



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