1.Knowledge of commonly used budgetary methods, practices, procedures, regulations, policies and processes. 2. Skill in relating enteries in the budget to the mission, structure, goals, work processes, and programs of support activities/organizations. 3. Ability to formulate, justify, and execute assigned […]

Ducati Sales Figures U.s. & U.s. Models in Europe

1:Ducati Motorcycle. Sales Figures in the U.S. Model years 1999,2000,2001,2002 (Year to date) 2: Ducati Motorcycle. Sales outside the United States of U.S. SPECICATION Motorcycles. eg U.S. Models in Europe Request for Question Clarification bytar_heel_v-ga 1. Are you looking for […]

Biggest Gdo Manufacturer

I would like to know how to search that base on (i.e.) who is the biggest Garage Door "Opener" ( operator with motor )manufacturer that based on the sales( in US and worldwide) then who is the 2nd one and […]

Three Accounting Analysis Techniques

I need to identify a financial analysis technique that can detect the following accounting improprieties: 1. Failing to timely record credit card purchases and membership cancellations 2. Improperly capitalizing and amortizing expenses related to attracting new members 3. Recording fictitious […]