Production of Sugar From Sugar Cane

In the production of sugar from sugar cane, what is the maximum land rent, in dollars per acre, that a farmer/producer can afford to pay and still make a reasonable profit? (Assume a water cost of $8.00 per acre-foot). Clarification […]

People Feeding Problem

About 60% of the world's population has a nutritional problem by either being Undernourished or Malnourished or both at the same time. Some scientists and humanists believe that this number will increase to 80%. is the world producing enough food […]

George Washington Carver

trying to locate this quote by george washington carver: "open thou mine eyes that i may behold wondrous things out of thy law." Request for Question Clarification bymarkj-ga karnie — The quote is Psalm 119, verse 18, of the Bible, […]


OK. This is the SECOND TRY to see if any Google Answer researchers can rise to the challenge. The first time I posted this, it ended up expiring with no answers. So, let's try again: I have a friend who […]