Code For Calculating Uk Apr

I need VB/VBA code or a third party MS Access add-in that will calculate Annual Percentage Rates according the the requirements of the UK Consumer Credit Act/Office Of Fair Trading. Clarification of Question bybluesunbeam-ga Answer must contain VB/VBA code examples […]

C/c++ Graph Algorithm

I need to design an algorithm to determine if a given (directed) graph is "semi-connected" in linear time? So far 'I believe' that I need to have a directed graph implemented in an adjacency list, then run DFS, then transpose, […]

Computer Algorithm

What is the algorithm to translate (convert) numbers into letters. For example: 1,000 = one thousand 256 = two hundred fifty six 10,101 ten thousand one hundred one Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga Regarding an algorithm to convert numbers into […]

Shortest Path

How we can prove that shortest path between two nodes is unique if all the weights are unique power of 2. Clarification of Question bynivis-ga I need to Know that how the shortest path is unique if weights are power […]

C++ Programming

I need to develop a function in C++, to generate random numbers (rand()) within a range, the function should have two integer arguments to indicate the low and high values of the range, using assert!!!