Graph Layout Algorithms

My company is developing a graph drawing too in java, but we have found it to be difficult to find good, suitable layout algorithms to automatically arrange the graphs. So I would need help to find specifications for good algorithms. […]

Is There Any Unsorting Algorithm ?

Is there any unsorting algorithm. Given a multiset U = {a1,a2,a3,…,an} that are randomly ordered. Applying a sorting algorithm we would get a sorted multiset S = {b1,b2,b3,…,bn} where b1 >= b2, b2 >= b3 … So my question is […]

About the Longest Common Substring

when I run LCS dynammic programming, I got a table. In this table I got all information about the longest common substring. qestion is : if the longest common substring is not single, for example there are two , three […]