Papimi Magnetic Inductor

My wife has benefitted greatly from treatments using the Papimi machine (she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, with the accompanying muscle pain). I understand this machine is also being tried by professional football teams as a pain reliever. I have seen […]

Mind Machines

The April 1994 issue of Esquire magazine has an article on Tony Robbins. Part of the article states the following: "You remove the electrodes from your scalp and arise. The electrodes are connected to a machine, about the size of […]

Mesotherapy Chicago

i need to know at least 5 to 10 different places where i can get mesotherapy done in the downtown area of chicago. they need to help with fat reduction ,celluite, and hair loss. and detailed info on how and […]

Medical Hotline

i need to know places where i can call and get expert medical advice about endocrinology. i need a hot line where i can call any time to ask about medical questions? thyroid, groth hormone and all endocrinology qusetions. money […]