Improving Appearance

If a college-age guy is trying to make himself more attractive, how would you prioritize working on these different things: Going to the gym (given that he's currently kinda skinny), buying new clothes (the current waredrobe being a mixture of […]

Electric Tweezers

I've seen commercials for little electric tweezers that remove hair permanently. It sounds too good to be true. Do they really work? Maybe if someone's actually tried them and can share their experience, or maybe you could point me to […]

"wrinkles Between Eyebrows"

How to get rid of vertical wrinkles between eyebrows without a surgery, bottox, and pills? Request for Question Clarification bytar_heel_v-ga Do you consider laser treatment as a form of surgery? -THV Clarification of Question bywinterwind-ga I wouldn’t like to use […]

Chest Shaving

I'm a swimmer, and so I shave my chest before a meet for added speed. Only problem is that although the skin is completely smooth, you can easily see the black hairs underneath (kinda like blackheads). I always see these […]