The Flood

compare the flood in The Epic of Gilgamesh with the flood story in Genesis. 1. what might account for the similarities and the differences in the two accounts? 2. there are other details in both texts that are remarkably similar. […]

Richard Scarry Story

I'm looking for the title of a story Richard Scarry wrote, which I read over 20 years ago. It is about a bear, living happily on his own, until a lady bear moves to town (a teacher or librarian) and […]

About Heart of Darkness

Where can I get a Chinese version of " Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Cornad? Request for Question Clarification bydavebug-ga I'm still searching, but thought I would ask for a clarification first. Cantonese or Mandarin? Also, is there an upper […]

Hemingway and Literature

Ernest Hemingway's longest sentence (424 words beginning page 148) from "The Green Hills of Africa" is considered to be one of the best written sentences in literature. Is his famous sentence the longest in recent recorded literature(history) or is there […]