Ct – Radiation

What are the risks in doing CT scans and more specifically head scan for a 9 month old baby. How much radiation is there comapge to normal x-ray scan you do at the dentist for example. Is the radiation more […]

Visual-Spatial Perceptually Impaired

What is the difference between a child age 5-7 who is visually-spatial perceptually impaired compared to a normal functioning child of the same age? What are the things a child who is visually-spatial perceptually impaired can or cannot do compared […]

Kids Medical Spine Stickers

I'm looking for kids medical stickers for sale that say something like "My spine is a Super Spine!" or "I have a strong spine", something along those lines. Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga Here's a place that sells chiropractic stickers […]