Childhood Strokes

Our six year old daughter Olivia had to go to hospital after having several episodes of right sided weakness in her arm, leg and face. Her speech was slurred as one side of the face drooped.. The episodes lasted 2-3 […]

Ct – Radiation

What are the risks in doing CT scans and more specifically head scan for a 9 month old baby. How much radiation is there comapge to normal x-ray scan you do at the dentist for example. Is the radiation more […]

Visual-Spatial Perceptually Impaired

What is the difference between a child age 5-7 who is visually-spatial perceptually impaired compared to a normal functioning child of the same age? What are the things a child who is visually-spatial perceptually impaired can or cannot do compared […]

Kids Medical Spine Stickers

I'm looking for kids medical stickers for sale that say something like "My spine is a Super Spine!" or "I have a strong spine", something along those lines. Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga Here's a place that sells chiropractic stickers […]