Animation Salaries

Please give me a general idea of what salaries for an "Animator" or "Animation Supervisor" might be in Italy for Italian based animation. Request for Question Clarification byspot_tippybuttons-ga Traditional 2-D animation (i.e. cell shaded) or 3-D computer animation? Clarification of […]

Bugs Bunny and Racism

When Cartoon Network showed June Bugs in 2001 there were 12 cartoons that they did not show due to racist content. What were these cartoons and who directed them? Also, any help finding them would be most welcome.


What edition of the Farside Comic book has the quote "Hey Marty look, sandwiches" on it? The comic has 2 bears and a couple campers rolled up in sleeping bags. What Farside Edition has this cartoon????

Italian Animation Studios

Please provide a list (including contact info) of animation studios in Italy (2D, 3D, stop-motion, web animation) that are currently in production or about to begin production on a project. Request for Question Clarification byeasterangel-ga Would a simple list of […]