Adhesive Capsulitis

What is the outcome for Adhesive Capsulitis without physical therapy? How long does the condition usually last and can full function and mobility regained through home exercise?

"elven Face"??

A pal of mine was telling our StarCraft/Antioch Chronicles fan forum about a disorder he learned about in school. His teacher rather mumbles, so he's not sure if she said it's called Willians Syndrome or Williams Syndrome. She gave another […]

Social Security Benefits

I was wondering if i can social security disability because i have fibromyalgia and pernicios anemia and underactive thyroid gland.I am in pain almost all the time. If you could help,i would be extremely grateful.Thank you.

Cure For Coma

A friend of mine went in for a minor nose operation after a punch up and something went wrong in the operation. He has been in a coma for 3 weeks with a blood clot in the middle of his […]

Deep Throat Tickle Causes Coughing

need remedy for deep throat tickle that causes gagging coughing; the coughing is overwhelming/irresistable, and yet does not help the tickle, which is deeper down than coughing touches. the tickle can be on either side of throat, and does not […]