Business Development

list of Fast moving consumer goods companies operating in Singapore and Malaysia with phone numbers Request for Question Clarification byclaudietta-ga Magil, Can you define "fast moving consumer goods"? Claudietta Clarification of Question bymagil-ga Fast moving Consumer products (FMCG) are all […]

Directories in Malayisa

How can I locate a website that provides a list of companies based with a specific geographic area of Malaysia? Eg Find a listing of all companies based in the Technology parks in Malaysia? Request for Question Clarification byleli-ga Hello […]

Diamond Certification Companies

I would like to know which of the Diamond Certification companies is the most reputable. I am in the process of purchasing a diamond ring as an anniversary gift for my wife. Each company on the internet claims that their […]

Executive Development Spending

which Fortune 100 companies that spend the most on executive development? top ten or twenty and how much they spend if possible Request for Question Clarification bykyrie26-ga Hello 76black-ga, How would you define "executive development"? Does this include training programs, […]

Computer Training

Is blue collar workers sucess (work and life) improved by computer training and usage? Request for Question Clarification bymwalcoff-ga Are you looking for statistical or anecdotal evidence? Clarification of Question bymrb-ga Is training on computer basics benificial to care givers […]