Productivity Rates in Europe

I need to find a reliable source of info listing the "productivity rates" in 15 European countries (all productivity rates from the SAME single source): – Austria – Belgium – Switzerland – Czech Rep – Slovaquia – Germany – Spain […]

Growth Rates of Different Industries

I need to know the annual revenue growth rates for these industries: -Agricultural Production-Crops, Animals -Airlines -Books: Publishing or Publishing & Printing -Electrical / Gas Utilities -Electrical Work (Electricians) The desired answers will have percentage growth rates for the last […]

Values of Wild Places

"What is the value of wild places?" – For example what are the economic value of wild places (wildernesses, national parks, site of special interest, rain forests, seas, etc). What is this value compared to not have the wild place […]

Staffing Market in Finland

I am interested to get a short overview of the staffing industry in Finland. It should include the following parametres: – Total Market size – Market penetration – Number of companies in market – TOP 10 companies by revenue in […]

Business Partnerships

What are the most successful business partnerships between companies in history? The definition of "successful partnership" in this context is a partnership that generated significant financial rewards for all partners involved over long period of time (years). A good answer […]