Assessment and Learning in Education

Reviewing and qestioning the value of the relationship between assessment, testing and learning in current education practices Request for Question Clarification byalienintelligence-ga Hi kohlrabi… would you mind giving a little more info regarding your question? In order to meet your […]

Cat Paw Prints

Am looking for a location where I can find lifesized prints of certain wild cats. Cougar, leopard, cheetah, serval, lion, bobcat, caracal, sandcat, tiger. Is there a web site that has the actual print I can print out or is […]

For Mwalcoff-Ga Only

Thanks for your information. I am glad to pay you for what I understand to be the following information: — A list of high schools without contact information for all the geographic areas I requested — A full set of […]

Intellectual Property

If a third party is knowlegable about newly established facts about a person, but ignores them, and promulgates in public, information contrary to those facts, has that person violated any law concerning that 'established " fact? Request for Question Clarification […]