1. What's the maximum amount of time that MetaCrawler can be set to stay within a particular search engine? What kind of search engine is Kanoodle, and how does it differ from a search engine like Google? What is the […]

War of 1812

Was the War of 1812 an unnecessary conflict that solved nothing and brought no benefit to either side? Be sure to explain and defend the answer with specific evidence. & Assess the degree to which Jefferson's election can accurately be […]

Improvement of Menu

how can i write the introduction about improvement restaurant menu? Request for Question Clarification byaceresearcher-ga gob, When you say "introduction", what exactly do you mean? Are you looking for links to articles that talk about how to improve a restaurant […]

Spanish 3

I need a paragraph about "What Lola and Migual discovered to be false in Urpiano. What did Lola finally decide about Angela Hernandez?". The book Lola Lago is online at The answer is between pages 35-55. You can answer […]