London Fire of 1666

I'm interested in information about the London Fire of 1666. Specifically, information about the survivors, how and where they lived during rebuilding, use of debtors prisons, personal journal enteries, newspaper clips and any other sociological information. Request for Question Clarification […]

Undergrad Stats

A. According to a survey of American households, the probability that the residents own two cars if annual household income is over $25,000 is 80%. Of the households surveyed, 60% had incomes over $25,000 and 70% had two cars. The […]

Dss System

a)Why is the traditional SDLC an inappropriate methodology for developing most DSS’s? b) Describe what would be a more appropriate methodology for DSS development? c) Support you choice of methodology with specific reasons for its suitability. Use real life examples […]