Dss System

a)Why is the traditional SDLC an inappropriate methodology for developing most DSS’s? b) Describe what would be a more appropriate methodology for DSS development? c) Support you choice of methodology with specific reasons for its suitability. Use real life examples […]

Spanish Literature

Where can I find an English summary of the Spanish novel, "El Camino," by Delibes? Request for Question Clarification byaceresearcher-ga alohagal, How lengthy or in-depth does this summary need to be? Regards, aceresearcher


Expanding Borders, Inc. wants to open a branch in a foreign country in order to increase its market. It is currently looking at doing business in Country A, which has a 30% tax on net income and Country B, which […]

Industry in Egypt

Please find one of the following: 1) The top five industries in Egypt (mining, for example, etc.) 2) The top five industry companies of Egypt Thanks! I need this immediately Request for Question Clarification bypafalafa-ga There's an awful lot of […]