Computing Dct Coefficients Using Dft.

For signal u[n],n=0,1,….N-1, show that its DCT coefficients w[k],k=0,1,…N-1 can be computed as follows: w[k]=sqrt[2(2-del[k])]R{e to the power-j(pi)k/2N v'[k]}where del[k] is the Kronecker Delta, R denotes the real part of a complex number and v'[k]is the Unitary DFT coefficient for […]

Exponential Growth/decay

My son (in Algebra 2) has been given an assignment asking him to tell whether several different equations show exponential growth or decay, and to JUSTIFY. Some examples are: 2(-0.33x)^2 and 3((0.75)^-2)x Can somebody explain how to figure out (at […]