Web Hosting Fraud

About 18 months ago I received "second notice" in the mail from a collections agency that I owed $1200 for payment of hosting a website that I had never heard of before. I did not receive a first notice and […]

Popups in Videos

I've seen video files in various formats (MPEG, ASF, AVI) which will spawn a website when opened in Windows Media Player. I need to know how to embed such a shortcut into a pre-existing video file while retaining its original […]

Seeking Banner Exchange Programs

Eversince LinksExchange was bought out by Micro$oft, I haven't been receiving the same amount of hits to my website, <a href="http://www.christopherwu.net/">http://www.christopherwu.net/</a> . Can anybody give me a list of 5 banner exchanges which do not contain adult sites, and 3 […]

Eliminating Spam

Is there any way to screen out advertising (emails and popups) on a Macintosh computer? Is there anyway to eliminate ads for pornography from my email? Request for Question Clarification bymissy-ga Hi there! Which e-mail client do you use?