Identify Early 80S Group

Can anyone identify an early 80s (or possibly even late 70s) group which sounded vaguely Japanese. The lyrics from one of their songs include the words 'Dust is singing, dust is dancing, dust is dusting over my eyes'? Clarification of […]

Bollywood Sountracks on Vinyl

i'm looking for websites that sell bollywood soundtracks (on VINYL only please!). "bollywood" is a common name for indian soundtracks deriving from the words "bombay" and "hollywood". in particular i'm looking for soundtracks by r d burman, kalyanji andandji and […]

Old Musical Instrument

Where can I find the value of an antique Sachsen concerto, probably from Denmark Request for Question Clarification byalanna-ga Would that be Johann Ernst von Sachsen-Weimar? Do you have the year or the name of the concerto? Clarification of Question […]

A Long Lost Song

There is this song I heard many times on the radio, but not lately. I am dying to get more information about the song, but I hardly remember the words. Here is what I remeber: 1. It's a male singer […]

Collenot Violin

A friend has a violin marked "Louis Collenot." It is marked inside and on the bridge. I believe the bow and case to be original to the instrument. Can anyone provide information about this maker and aproximate estimate of value?