Windows Networking Problem

Need an answer from somebody who has experience actually setting up a Windows network. All the online help I've come across have proven uphelpful. Am trying to Network an ME desktop with my XP laptop and have spent hours unsucessfully […]


Iam having trouble faxing to 1800 numbers but I can fax locally. Yes I have lond distance carrier. Request for Question Clarification bywebadept-ga Hi, what program, what operating system, what 800 number, .. we need a bit more information in […]

Windows 98 2Nd Edition System File

what is the "WindowsSystem|wnmngm1.exe" file and what does it do? Mine is infected with a Trojan Horse virus. Request for Question Clarification byblader-ga Are you sure you don't mean "winmgmt.exe?" Request for Question Clarification bylivioflores-ga I think you must check […]