Dirtbike Trails

manitoba,western ontario,and saskatchewan off road motorcycle trails and areas Request for Question Clarification bydarrel-ga Hello– Could you please give more information about what specifically you're looking for? Are you looking for a list of off-road motorcycle trails in these areas? […]

Admission Rates For Splashgrounds

What is the average admission's price for a surface water playground (splashground-not pool)for a child under 14 years of age in the United States? Request for Question Clarification bykoz-ga By "splashground", you mean what we call a "water park" in […]

Url Mistake Made by Google

Google has listed my URL with an error. They list "sailing.sanfranciscoapartment.us/sailSFbay.html" and that leads to an error message because it should be: "www.sanfranciscoapartment.us/sailSFbay" I wrote their webmaster about without results.

Manufacturer/importer of Rashguards

Can someone locate contact info for *manufacturers* or *importers* of rashguards (surfing shirts sometimes spelled "rash guard")? I'm not looking for the brands that sell them (e.g., Quiksilver, Billibong, Rusty, etc.). Instead I'm looking for a source where I can […]

Vernon Kitabu Turner

I read an article about this guy at http://www.wie.org/j15/turner.asp and was absolutely fascinated. Here’s a guy who, using a special form of meditation, was able to become a martial arts master and was given the Ronin Award by the Board […]