Presidential Debate Videos.

I am trying to find online video (Real or MediaPlayer) of all of the Presidential and VP debates since 1976. C-SPAN has a few. Mostly I am looking for Reagan-Carter, Bush-Ferraro, Gore-Kemp, and Gore-Quayle-Stockdale. Where can I find these videos […]

Post Castro Cuba Plans

what christian and, repeat, and cuban-american organizations in the usa have published a post-cuba plan of action and what post-castro plans are available today? Clarification of Question byholguinero-ga please note that this is a top-dollar project and my emphasis will […]

Political Figures and the Law!

Any visual or written sources, that have been published in newspapers or other that have made ridicule of a public figure, or even better a political figure. It possible i would prefer, if these sources, have lead to be the […]