Quote About European Diplomacy

Some famous person, possibly in the 18th or 19th century, once said something like "anybody who claims to understand europe is lying." I don't remember the exact quote. The meaning was, european diplomacy and politics are so complicated and esoteric […]

Government Issues

What is the complete impeachment process and what role each branch of government played? do you think the system worked??? Request for Question Clarification byjustaskscott-ga Are you referring to the impeachment process in the United States? Also, are you asking […]

Panhandling in San Francisco

I would like a potted history, by a researcher familiar with the milieu, of panhandling in downtown San Francisco. How did it come to be so tolerated? Is there an active political movement in its support? Do some citizens and […]

Political Lingo

Recently I've been hearing terms on the radio like liberal/conservative, left winged/right winged, lefty/righty and on the left/on the right. I think I have a general idea on what a liberal is and what a conservative is, but I would […]