Gypsies in the Eu

I want a recent history (from 1980 onwards) of how the term 'segregation' has been used in connection with Gypsies (or Roma), particularly (not exclusively) in European Union documents (including European Union institutions e.g. Council of Europe) Request for Question […]


kommunistics parties in United States of AmeriKa Request for Question Clarification bypoliticalguru-ga Dear Mongolia, How very unlikely of you to post such a short question. Did you mean that you'd like a list of communist parties in the USA? Request […]

Norway Elections

According to The Norwegian Election Law (The Representation of the People Act) Article 6-1 (2) "all candidates shall be listed with their forename(s), surname and year of birth. Information about the candidates' occupation or residence may be shown." This last […]

Federal Campaign Contributions (Pacs)

I would like to learn the following about contributions to federal candidates (candidates for U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate and the President), for a given election cycle (say, 2003-2004): 1. How many organizational (non-individual) entities contribute to Federal candidates, subdivided by […]