Why Do Humans Worship?

I'm curious. I'm sure this topic has been handled in magazines and books and very smart people have dedicated their careers to this topic. But I'm lazy, impatient and very very curious (this combination has been very frustrating to live […]

"dating in Napoleonic France"

how was dating in napoleonic france different from dating during pre-revolutionary france? Request for Question Clarification bypeggy_bill-ga Do you mean "dating" as the calculation of the days that pass? Or do you mean "dating" as in romantic encounters? Request for […]

What Is Sexual Harassment?

When where and to what extent is sexual harassment acceptable or unacceptable in the world place. What kind of conduct constitues sexual harassment. Example Is asking a colleague out on a date sexual harassment? When would it be and when […]

Ethics of Foreign Aid & Debt Relief

I need some information on the ethical implications of foreign aid and debt relief to developing nations. Specifically, I am interested in international multilateral and bilateral debt relief policies for poor countries, focusing on the ethical responsibilities and the ethical […]