Ethics of Foreign Aid & Debt Relief

I need some information on the ethical implications of foreign aid and debt relief to developing nations. Specifically, I am interested in international multilateral and bilateral debt relief policies for poor countries, focusing on the ethical responsibilities and the ethical […]

Dinstitutionalization in Mass

What were/are the effects of deintutionalization on our already burdened cities? Mainly cities in Ma. Request for Question Clarification bybethc-ga Are you referring to people who used to be institutionalized, who are now living on the streets? Clarification of Question […]

Holy Bible Prophets

What is the date of birth of the prophet Elijah? What is the order of appearance of biblical prophets? What was the date of Elijah's ascendsion into heaven? Request for Question Clarification byjoseleon-ga Hello: An exact date is really hard […]

$ Spending After 9:11

I'm planning an art project on the money spent because of 9:11 I challenge a researcher(s) to calculate the total amount of money spent BECAUSE of the tragedy of 9:11 This is an art project, so you don't have to […]

Irish Personal Search

How can I find evidence of one James McAlister born in the latter part of the nineteenth century lived in Granard Co Longford Ireland served in the Irish Guards in WW1 Clarification of Question byelbanna-ga I think he was born […]