Islam and Current Events: 1 of 5

please present evidence to refute the following statement. if there is no evidence to refute the statement, please address the statement's plausibility: (1) islam teaches to "kill the infidel" Clarification of Question byyakker-ga thanks for the comment, scott. i should […]

The Poem of the Cid

In THE POEM OF THE CID, what are the qualities and virtues, and how do they manifest in the narrative itself? How are they pertinent to today's world? What is distinctly Western about the man they called "Campeador," but what […]

Omega & Delta Seminars

I would like some information on the Omega Vector seminars and founder George Addair PH D in Phoenix AZ. From where and in what is the PH D in and what is the subject of these seminars and how are […]

Bible Prophecy

Please Help, We are living in exciting times!!! I know the Bible has thousands of prophecies within its pages, approximately 3,268 prophecies have been fulfilled and 3,140 prophecies ARE YET TO BE fulfilled. What I am seeking are the verses […]

Jews Breaking Covanents

As I've been doing more research, i have a further question about Jews in the Qu'ran. I want to know what themes about breaking vows, pacts, agreements, to God or to others by the jews is talked about in the […]