Hosery Fetish

Why do some men have a fetish with pantyhose. Either looking at a woman in them, feeling them, or wearing them theirselves. Yes i know this is a off the wall question but is rather legit one. thanks google! Request […]

Personality Test For Matchmaking

We need to create our own personality test for matchmaking purposes, to see if the applicants are compatible. The test should be long enough to provide accurate results (200+ questions). We also need information on how to measure compability and […]

Defining Life

what is the meaning of life? Request for Question Clarification byeiffel-ga Hi xemakon-ga, You have posted your question in the "Romance" category – do you seek an answer that relates the meaning of life to romance? Regards, eiffel-ga

Valentines Day

valentines is coming and i wanna take my girl friend to a nice fancy romantic resturant that is what she wants also. I need YOUR help to find me a nice resturant but there is one catch , she wants […]

Iq Question

why is the wedding ring worn on the ring finger? Is a IQ question. Is a romantic answer. this IQ question is part of a chinese book called 10000 i love u IQ question, something like that. Request for Question […]

Love and Relationships

what does falling for someone mean? Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga It would be helpful if you could give more details. Are you looking for a Researcher's opinion about what happens when you fall in love, or are you looking […]