This term found on Death record as a cause of death in 1880 Request for Question Clarification bymvguy-ga Is the record handwritten or typed? If the former, could the word be something else? Thanks! Clarification of Question byjeanlouis-ga The word […]


I am a musuem docent- I am interested in the Yoruba peoples increased incidence of twinning and the sociologic aspects of Ibeji figures. What is the genetic-biological basis of twinning? What is the sociology of Ibeji figures? Request for Question […]

Bacterial Growth

How can you account for the observation that a mass of bacterial growth shows pigmentation while the individual cells have transparent cytoplasm? Request for Question Clarification byblazius-ga By "a mass of bacterial growth", do you include the growth medium and […]

Nigerian Journal of Physiology Enquiry

I need to find out if the Nigerian journal of Physiology (or of Physiological Sciences) is still being published and can I get the 1989/90 volume? Request for Question Clarification bytehuti-ga This is not a full answer, so I’m including […]


J. MOnod in his book Of Microbes and Life (Columbia University Press) wrote five or six pages that he called Aristotle…totle…totle. I would like to be able to read them Request for Question Clarification bypoliticalguru-ga Where are you located? Copyrighted […]

Lead in Food Flavoring

Has lead, the metal, ever been used as a food flavoring? Request for Question Clarification bysmudgy-ga Are you interested in whether the metal itself was used as a flavoring, or would an example of a compound containing lead be sufficient […]