Sun Explodes

I am willing to pay $5.00 if someone can find me a flash animation of the impacts (on the universe) if the sun explodes. It should also include the stages of how the sun explodes Thanks in advance Request for […]


Many years ago I heard a story about a linedancer – one of the best in the world. The interesting thing about this linedancer was that whenever someone was to talk to him – like asking him if he wanted […]

Combustion of Octane

The equation for the complete combustion of octane is as follows 2C8H18 +25O2—–16CO2+H20 When 228g of octane are burnt completey. Calculate 1. the volume of oxygen needed 2. the volume of carbon dioxide produced (Assume that 1 mole of gas […]

Evidence of the Paranormal

My girlfriend and I are having an argument over the paranormal. My argument is that there has been enough anecdotal evidence to at least warrant further scientific investigation. Her argument is that since it's the least likely of all possibilities, […]

Environmental Issues

Identify and describe TWO envioronmental benefits to using electric vehicles in place of petrol/diesel for transportation ?,Estimate the potential reduction in petroleum consumption (in gallons of petrol/desiel per year)that could be achieved in the uk by introducing electric vehicle under […]