Name of Female in Infomercial

Who is the blonde-haired, Australian female that is in at least two of Kevin Trudeau's infomercials? She has been in the "Mega Memory" infomercial as well as another dealing with oxygen and magnesium. I am only looking for her name. […]

For Lisarea or Pinkfreud

hello kids, granny has film and sitcoms on the brain today. they've been showing "Deer Hunter" over and over this month on cable and granny fades right after the first Russian Roulette scene. I've seen the opening with the wedding […]

Wwf Slammy Awards Songs

In the years 1996 and 1997, the World Wrestling Federation (now called World Wrestling Entertainment) put on their own version of an awards show, called the Slammy Awards, or the Slammies. Each of the two years, the show was begun […]

Sitcoms on Abc

I need a list of all sitcoms (pref. w/descriptions and other info-years on tv, stars, description of plot..etc.) that have been on ABC in the US from 1946-present. Request for Question Clarification bysycophant-ga Do you need *all* of them? I […]