Name That Tv Show

There was this TV show I watched as a kid. It was about this Texas billionaire who went around with this young kid, solving crime. I remember he had this big car, like a Cadillac or something, and it had […]


I need information on European TV program called “Eurotrash” (could be spelled separately) What kind of a program is it? How popular is it? Who do they have as their guests?

Tv Scheduling

I am looking for a TV programing schedule (similar to information you would get from the TV Guide)for the pay for view channels. I live in Orange, CT and the cabel TV service comes from "Cablevision of southern Connecticut." Request […]

Eurosport Tv in Usa?

I'd appreciate if there is any information on how to access Eurosport TV (particularly tennis coverage) in the USA. Is it available on Dish network or any cable networks, or would you have to put up a big C-band dish? […]