Video Tape Purchase

I would like to purchase a video tape about Sebastian Coe's life called Born to Run. Do you know where I might find a copy to purchase? Thank you. Request for Question Clarification bybrightshadow-ga The full title of the movie […]

Tiger Woods Workout Program

I'll throw this out there because I've tried to research this but haven't gotten very far. What I'm looking to find out is what Tiger Woods' workout program (strength, flexibility, cardio, other) consists of? There seems to be some scattered […]

Swimming Sessions $2 +

I am looking for at least 10 different Swimming sessions for a weekly 1 hour swim (between 2500m and 4000m) to provide me with varied sessions and interesting training. If anyone can provide me with an online resource, or actual […]

Hard to Find Video Tapes

I can not locate these ju-jitsu training video tapes 1) combat ju-jitsu 2)advanced combat ju-jitsu this information might help Miyama-Ryu ju-jitsu, Instructor D'Arcy Rahming can you help???? Sincerely, Stan Request for Question Clarification bybrightshadow-ga 51417 Secrets of Miyama Ryu: Combat […]

Trained Chickens

How do you teach a chicken to play tic-tac-toe or where can you purchase chickens that already possess this skill? Request for Question Clarification bybobbie7-ga Hello munkeyboy-ga, I located the name and contact information for the trainer of the chickens […]