Swimming Sessions $2 +

I am looking for at least 10 different Swimming sessions for a weekly 1 hour swim (between 2500m and 4000m) to provide me with varied sessions and interesting training. If anyone can provide me with an online resource, or actual […]

Hard to Find Video Tapes

I can not locate these ju-jitsu training video tapes 1) combat ju-jitsu 2)advanced combat ju-jitsu this information might help Miyama-Ryu ju-jitsu, Instructor D'Arcy Rahming can you help???? Sincerely, Stan Request for Question Clarification bybrightshadow-ga 51417 Secrets of Miyama Ryu: Combat […]

Trained Chickens

How do you teach a chicken to play tic-tac-toe or where can you purchase chickens that already possess this skill? Request for Question Clarification bybobbie7-ga Hello munkeyboy-ga, I located the name and contact information for the trainer of the chickens […]

Mr. Indianapolis

my father, john fredrick stafford, was named mr. indianapolis sometime between 1935 and 1946 in indianapolis, indiana. i believe it was a body builders contest. i think he worked out at hoffman's or huffman's gym in indianapolis, indiana. maybe they […]