Wildlife Art Print Values

What words shall I use to find insurance values for wildlife art prints without checking EACH artist's name, please? For example, I'd like the value of one specific print by Vivi Crandall, 3 by Robert Bateman, 1 by Rod Fredrick, […]

Oil Paintings, the Value Of

How can I find the current value of paintings (mostly oils)? I have the artists names (Bill Olendorf, Danny Hahlbohm, Gregory Palmer)and other info. Thanks. Request for Question Clarification byrico-ga Hi valverjo-ga, Having researched (and in a couple of cases, […]

Fashion Exhibition

An exhibition was held by the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, from April 2nd to August 16th, 1998 called American Ingenuity : Sportswear 1930's to 1970's. I want to know the names of the designers whose […]

Fine Art

Is there information on sales of paintings by 20th Century American artist, Lazar Raditz? I'm interested in locating a party to purchase one in my posession. Work was a portrait done in 1945, oils. Request for Question Clarification bywlk115-ga If […]