Love That Cystoscopy

hey, got a lady with a cystoscopy and an ex lap where *endrogel* was used. whatthehellizit? advices? Clarification of Question bybadabing-ga this might be AndroGel but I'm looking for a reference that it's used at the time of a cystoscopy. […]

Endometrial Ablations

Where can I find out how many endometrial ablations are done by city in the United States? Request for Question Clarification bypelican-ga Hello, thank you for bringing your question to GA. Please clarify: 1. What kind of endometrial ablations do […]

Drug Information

A 68-yo female relative of mine has a diagnosis of 'clinical depression with anxiety'. I would like a distillation of the following information available on the 'net, for each of the following medications she is currently prescribed: – manufacturer's information […]

For Tehuti-Ga Please

hello there madam, I know you're the biology maven around here, so could you tell me how the Salvia ingredient in the drug Avlimil ( for sexual dysfunction differs from Salvia divinorum (la hembra), which I understand is somewhat of […]


Last few months i had problem of heavy bleeding.The bleeding phase varies from 15-20 days.This thing continues for 3 months.In this January i went to doctor(India)and she gave me medicine Revici-E which i had for 3 days(3 tabs per day).After […]