Cellphone Bills

how can i determine locations and reach of towers represented on

cellphone bills,i.e.,call placed from.

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Hi madmary1000,

could you tell us which country you want the information for and which

phone company?



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usa verizon wireless southern bell/bellsouth cingular

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** these would be time sensitive, wherein, some of the bills i am

investigating are from 4 years ago

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Cellphone Bills

how can i find a complete cellphone history for an individual,

accounts numbers past and present.

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Dear Mad Mary,

Who is this individual and what is your legal right to invade their

protected privacy? (Read


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this would be employees, under contract, which have agreed to the

monitoring of any and all actions, and communications involving my

company and/or taking place while on company time.

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hello madmary1000-ga,

There are I believe business accounts which allow you to analyse the

call logs in numerical or graphical form by most expensive calls,

longest calls, calls by number, most frequently called numbers etc on

a PC. However this only works if you have equipped your employees with

company cellphones. Would a list of solutions be acceptable as an


It might be difficult to ascertain these facts if they were using

their personal cellphones.

regards lot-ga

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clarification: i am seeking knowledge of any accounts for cellphones

that i am unaware of

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ok i am new to this, what i am seeking is knowledge of cellphone

accounts for an individual,that is being kept "secret"

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