Childhood Scary Movie

short movie (in 1970's) about man and his wife in wilderness cabin.

She dies and he keeps her body in cabin over night. He hears struggle

at night (dark) and is afraid her body is being mauled by animal. He

wakes in AM to find his wife is intact but finds her with animal fur

in mouth implying she fought the animal and won. Any idea what is the

name of this movie? I saw it as a kid and it scared me and want to

see if it still has the same effect on me.

Clarification of Question bycolombiano13148-ga

The short film I am looking for is based on an Ambrose Bierce short

story called "The Boarded Window" (thanks to archae0pteryx-ga for the

information) produced by Alan W. Beattie. I am wondering where I

could find a copy of this film for download and/or purchase?

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