Children's Adventure Books


I am trying to find what publishers are looking for in children's

adventure books. As a child I used to read Enid Blyton…Famous Five,

Five Findouters etc in which a group of children get tangled with

crooks or solve mysteries. Are there similar modern books (Enid Blyton

is 1940-1960 ) of children solving crimes/ mysteries? I read somewhere

editors are looking for 'realistic fiction' (as opposed to Blyton's

'escapist' fiction ). Is this uniformly true? Also how many words

should a children's novel be? Would a modern day Famous Five or

Findouter book sell in today's marketplace?

Request for Question Clarification bypoliticalguru-ga

Dear John,

This is a very difficult question to answer, because there is no

"recipe" for successful (or, at least, published) children's fiction

(for example, on the number of words required; on the themes; etc.).

If you'd like me to, I could focus my answer on aspects regarding

current trends in children's adventure fiction.

Clarification of Question byjohnman-ga

Hi Politicalguru,

Yes, I would like to know trends in children's adventure fiction as it

applies to crime/ mysteries. I am not interested in other forms of

adventure. Are there any books/ series in which children get involved

with criminals and outsmart them?

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