Children's Book to Find

Can anyone help me track down this children's book- it was about a

little boy who found a bunch of seeds, and they were liek sunflower

seeds but the flowers from them were white so he called them

moonflowers, and when the seeds dropped again he made the seeds into

patterns and he heard voices talking to him and I think he got

transported into another land – please help me I have been wanting to

find this book for years…

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It is a long shot, but could it be Hamlet's Quest: The Sugar Creek

Anthologies of Jesse Freedom Series Book Two by By Judith Fowler


More about this book is available here:


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Another longshot:

Mebane Holoman Burgwyn's book "Moonflower"?

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  1. Hi legalgazelle,

    Here it is! Be forewarned – the following links at the Digital

    Library contain images of the entire text and illustrations. If you

    don't want your anticipation of waiting for the actual book to arrive

    in your mailbox spoiled, don't click on the links!


    Illustrated by H. R. MILLAR

    First Published: London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1909.

    ("Harding's Luck" is actually the sequal to "The House of Arden")

    Your clues:

    1. it was about a little boy

    "DICKIE lived at New Cross. At least the address was New Cross, but

    really the house where he lived was one of a row of horrid little

    houses built on the slope where once green fields ran down the hill to

    the river, and the old houses of the Deptford merchants stood stately

    in their pleasant gardens and fruitful orchards. All those good fields

    and happy gardens are built over now. "

    2. who found a bunch of seeds

    "Gimme," said Dickie?"Gimme a penn'orth o' that there"

    3. they were liek sunflower seeds

    "A few poor little pink and yellow flowers showed stunted among the

    green where he had sowed the Artistic Bird Seed. And, towering high

    above everything else?oh, three times as high as Dickie himself?there

    was a flower?a great flower like a sunflower…"

    3. but the flowers from them were white

    "…, only white."

    4. so he called them moonflowers

    "It IS a Moonflower, of course," he said

    5. and when the seeds dropped again he made the seeds into patterns

    "He made, with triple lines of silvery seeds, a six-pointed star"

    6. and he heard voices talking to him

    "But for a policeman, who is usually of quite a large pattern, the

    voice was unusually soft and small. It said briskly?

    'Now, then, where do you want to go to?'"

    7. he got transported into another land –

    "Then everything was very quiet, and sleep wrapped Dickie like a soft

    cloak. When he awoke his eyelids no longer felt heavy, so he opened

    them. "That was a rum dream," he told himself, as he blinked in broad


    He lay in bed?a big, strange bed?in a room that he had never seen

    before. The windows were low and long, with small panes, and the light

    was broken by upright stone divisions. The floor was of dark wood,

    strewn strangely with flowers and green herbs, and the bed was a

    four-post bed like the one he had slept in at Talbot House; and in the

    green curtains was woven a white pattern, very like the thing that was

    engraved on Tinkler and on the white seal. On the coverlet lavender

    and other herbs were laid. And the wall was hung with pictures done in

    needlework?tapestry, in fact, though Dickie did not know that this was

    its name. All the furniture was heavily built of wood heavily carved.

    An enormous dark cupboard or wardrobe loomed against one wall

    High-backed chairs with tapestry seats were ranged in a row against

    another. The third wall was almost all window, and in the fourth wall

    the fireplace was set with a high-hooded chimney and wide, open


    8. please help me I have been wanting to find this book for years…

    Well, it was published in 1909! 😎


    A good summary –

    Nesbit, E. [Millar, H. R.; Illus.]

    Harding's Luck. Illustrated by H. R. Millar

    London: Ernest Benn Limited, [1961]

    Octavo, red coloth, gilt letters, 281 pp. Fine (As New), in Very

    Good+ dust jacket with light fading and edgewear. "Perhaps you

    remember the adventures of Edred and Elfrida in The House of Arden,

    when their hunt into the past for the family treasure led them to find

    their father and meet Dickie their cousin? Brother and sister appear

    again in this tale of exciting adventure, in which Dickie Harding is

    the hero. Dickie first meets Edred and Elfrida in the England of 1608,

    for by that time he has learnt the secret of the moonflower seeds and

    the pattern which is a door into the past. From London slum to

    nobleman's luxury, from lameness and loneliness to sound limb and

    family love, what a wonderful change it is for him. But Dickie is

    passionately loyal, and to help Beale, his ragamuffin companion and

    the first person to befriend him, he returns to the present. In the

    end, when Beale is well set-up, the Arden treausre found, and Dickie's



    Now, even though the entire book is available online, and printable,

    there's nothing like holding a real book. There have been various

    editions published and most are readily available.

    Edith Nesbit (1858 – 1924) aka Mrs E Bland

    The House of Arden (1908)

    (The first book in the House of Arden series)

    Harding's Luck (1909)

    (The second book in the House of Arden series)

    Photo 1949 edition

    Publisher: Benn

    Illustrator: Desmond E. Walduck

    Photo 1961 edition

    Publisher: Ernest Benn; Coward-McCann, London & New York

    Illustrated by H. R. Millar

    "Children's adventure story in which Edred & Elfrida Arden and Dickie

    Harding travel back into 1600's England by means of magic moonflower

    seeds and find the missing Arden family treasure."

    BookFinder: used books for sale from various booksellers:*&destination=us&currency=USD&binding=*&isbn=&keywords=&minprice=&maxprice=&classic=on&mode=advanced&st=sr&ac=qr

    I really enjoyed working on this for you! If you have any questions,

    please post a clarification request and wait for me to respond before

    closing/rating my answer.

    Thank you,


    Search strategy:

    I searched used book websites using various combinations of terms,

    such as, boy seeds sunflower moonflower, and browsed through the

    results until I finally found one that sounded hopeful. I then

    searched Google for the title and was able to make a confirmation on

    the Digital Library website.

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