Collection of National Geographic Magazine – English Version

I was wondering if anyone can please discover for me the answers to

these two questions:

Question 1:

What is the approximate auction value of my 30 year complete original

set of National Geographic Magazines?

General Collection Information:

My collection:

* spans January 1976 to December 2006;

* includes original National Geographic Magazine boxes – two boxes for

each six months of the year;

* includes all original maps, supplements, special editions for

members, including first holograph cover, for example;

* includes original National Geographic Index for each year, including Index boxes;

* includes boxes for organizing map supplements.

Provenance of collection:

Collection comes as a result of my unbroken National Geographic

Magazine membership commencing with January 1st, 1975, and proof of

provenance being my original National Geographic Member Certificate so

stating my membership start date.

Question 2:

Among National Geographic Magazine collectors, which covers are

considered either the most valuable or the most sought-after, (if that

points to the same cover(s) or in fact are two separate covers?

Additional Info:

I have already checked eBay Auctions and although a lot of full

collections and various covers are available, there are so many it is

almost impossible to discern the answers to my question. I have not

checked any other resources to answer these questions myself.

Pricing does not include my intention to offer a top gratuity for an

obviously well researched answer, including citations to verify your


Thank you.

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