Comparable Books That Have Been Successful

My friend is writing a book entitled "The Naked Man". In it, she

contradicts (based on interviews and research) the common

misconception that women are not sexually visual – as compared to men,

who are commonly known to "objectify" women. The book explores in

further detail what physical aspects of men are in fact attractive to

women, and includes photographic portraits as art.

As part of the book pitch, I need help finding books that (1) have

been successful and (2) are on a similar (but not exactly the same)

theme. The purpose is to demonstrate that this book has strong

commercial prospects based on previously published works, but that

this exact book has not yet been written. An example of a previously

published book that would be appropriate is one that deals with e.g.

"what men find visually stimulating about women" or "misconceptions

about female sexuality".

For my answer, a list of such books with the number of copies sold

would be ideal. A list of such books that have been listed as

best-sellers would also work. Please include html addresses or links

as references for your sources.

Thank you!

P.S. I heard about Google's "Ask a Question" service from a friend and

am very excited to try it!

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