Concept of Strategic Fit and Reach in Strategic Thinking in a Business Context

I am looking for information dealing with the concepts of strategic

'fit' and 'reach' as innovations in strategic thinking.

Request for Question Clarification byomnivorous-ga

Grantw —

Is there a particular framework (or even timeframe) within which you

want to examine this issue? For example, do you want to deal with

Porter's concepts? Or issues raised since 1990?

And how important is the literature on acquisition failures?

Best regards,


Clarification of Question bygrantw-ga


I am investigating the degree to which the concepts of 'fit' and

'stretch' have been innovations in strategic thinking. To this order I

think that the work of both Porter and Hamel and Prahalad is important

as well as any other studies or commentaries that may have relevant

input. The relevant time frame is not too important as long as it

falls within the bounds of 'recent' (say last 15 years or so)

developments in strategic thinking.

I do need your input rather urgently as I would need to consider your

input by tomorrow at the latest.

Thanks for the assistance!

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