Connecting a Network Printer to an Ibook

How do I connect an iBook with OS9.1 to a Lexmark Z53 inkjet printer

via a Hawkings Technology PS12U ethernet print server conncected to a

Microsoft MN-500 wireless router/switch via an Airport card? The

printer is currently accessible with a Windows XP system and a

wireless card, and the iBook can access email and the internet via the

airport card and the Microsoft MN-500.n The print server has a fixed

ethernet address.

Clarification of Question byjoeebel-ga

The iBook has an Airport card in it that is functioning properly,

i.e., Internet and email are readily available. The Hawking

Technology PS12U print server is hardwired via CAT-5 cable to a port

on the back of the Microsoft MN-500 wireless router/switch.

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