Corporate Managerial Hierachy

Every day in the corporate environment, we speak about our managers.

There are certain terms such as Unit Manager and Department Manager.

But, to reference a manager 3 levels up, I keep hearing "Manager's

Manager's Manager" being used. Are there any official names for these

positions, I was thinking Manager cubed, or 3rd level manager, but

these are getting a bit more ridiculous. Something besides Manager of

Automation or Director of Engineering, would like the relationship to

the hierarchy. Any parody sites would also be ok.

One thought on “Corporate Managerial Hierachy

  1. Hello gambo,

    Unfortunately, I found only a little information about this question.

    The best source I found was .

    There thay state that there are several hierarchy found in business.

    And as one commenter said several British companies have adopted a

    'family' hierarchy system. I found many sites, however, that mention

    "manager's manager", and that seems to indicate to me that it is the

    proper term to use. I found this term on the website for the

    University of Mephis Business school at and I quote the site "The

    manager's manager is equally positive about the work unit council


    As for a parody I found a few: about the corporate ladder and which is a

    mockery of the hierarchy.

    Hope this answers your question!


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