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need to know current corporate status of Riteway Drywall construction incorporated.

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  1. Hello.

    I assume that you're talking about the Riteway Drywall Construction

    Incorporated in Colorado. If not, please request clarification.

    I did a search for "Riteway Drywall" at the Colorado Secretary of State's web site:

    The current corporate status is "Administratively Dissolved." The

    status was changed on July 19, 2004, as a result of failure to file an

    annual report.


    More information:


    When a domestic profit or nonprofit corporation is dissolved by the

    Secretary of State as a result of their failure to pay fees or

    penalties due; failure to deliver its annual business report; failure

    to maintain or notify the Secretary of State of a change to a

    registered office or registered agent; or the corporation?s period of

    duration term has expired."

    "49. How can I reinstate my dissolved business entity?

    Almost any business entity can file for reinstatement at any time

    by filing Articles of Reinstatement. The only entities that cannot

    reinstate are general partnerships, article 61 limited partnerships

    and foreign entities authorized to transact business in Colorado.

    The reason for this change is that many business entities, which

    have been administratively dissolved, continue to transact business

    without realizing they have been dissolved. Also, many businesses that

    voluntarily file for dissolution continue to operate, often only to

    wind up business affairs."

    Articles of Reinstatement form:

    Articles of Reinstatement instructions:

    (These documents are in PDF format, so the Adobe Acrobat Reader is

    required. If you don't have that, visit: )


    search strategy:

    "riteway drywall construction"

    colorado corporations

    I hope this helps.

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