Cricket Score

What is the highest score in a first-class game of cricket, acheived

without any batsman scoring a century?

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  1. It appears that the highest score in a first-class cricket match where

    no batsman scored a century is 605 by Madhya Pradesh v Haryana at

    Rajnandgaon, 13-16 March 1999.

    Two recent sources cite this score as the record, though one

    incorrectly states the total as 608:

    Aslam Siddiqui, "Highest fc totals without an individual 100", Online

    posting (2001-07-02 06:11:52 PST)

    <> via Google Groups

    "Ask Philip", answer from 15 Jan 2002

    CricInfo Global

    The scorecard is available here:

    "Madhya Pradesh v Haryana at Rajnandgaon (MP), 13-16 Mar 1999"

    CricInfo: Indian Cricket

    – justaskscott-ga

    Search terms used (in various combinations) on Google and Google


    Many variations on "without a century", such as "no individual

    hundred", "without a 100", and "no centuries".

    "first class"




    "Madhya Pradesh" Haryana Rajnandgaon

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